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10/15/20 – Pre-Order the Special Edition of Taste! WV’s #WVHotDogTour Issue

Subscribe to Taste! WV Magazine to get the full scoop on all the hot dog locations and in depth scoring and lots more of the stories behind the scenes. http://tastewv.com/subscribe (Pre-Order Now!) We’re planning for a Spring 2021 release. The issue will also include other foodie features, so order now to get your copy sent directly to you!

9/8/20 – The WV Hot Dog Tour

We’ve teamed up with travel vlogger Jay Silverman to determine the best hot dog in West Virginia.
If you have a destination you’d like us to visit and try their hot dog, then visit our Facebook page and comment on our of our hot dog posts.


9/8/20 – New Content Coming Soon!

We’re planning on a new print and digital edition for 2020 along with more web articles. Follow us on Facebook to get up-to-date information on what we’re planning!


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#WVHotDogTour Series

9/8/20 – Charleston, WV area (2 Parts)

Jay and Joel search a 15 miles radius for the best hot dog around Charleston, WV. It’s broken up into a two part series as there were more than 35 local restaurants who served a hot dog.


9/29/20 – The Huntington, WV Video released!

Jay and Joel travel with Allison all around the Huntington area in search for the best hot dog. They quickly find the “sauce” line, where thick chili ends and the traditional sauce recipes begin. Subscribe to Jay Silverman on YouTube here: https://bit.ly/3jIizGf


9/30/20 – What’s next?

Jay and Joel are currently finishing up the Southern WV area, which will be broken down into two videos. (Hatfield-McCoy Mountains which we’re shooting with vlogger Erica and New River / Greenbrier Valley which we’re shooting with foodie Chad). Then we’re on to Mountain Lakes with a surprise guest! Stay tuned for a release date for the next video. (each video is less than two weeks apart)


10/13/20 – New is online for the Hatfield & McCoy area of Southern WV!

Jay and Joel team up with Erica (vlogger) for very eventful Hatfield-McCoy Mountain adventure of the WV Hot Dog Tour. It’s here!


11/8/20 – Greenbrier Valley Hot Dogs!

The #WVHotDogTour continues into the Greenbrier Valley of Southern West Virginia!


#WVHotDogTour Media

5/13/21 – The Hot Dog Tour Continues!

After eating over 150 WV Style Hot Dogs Jay and Joel too a little break over Winter. That being said, 150 hot dogs is only covering around half of the State of WV. So we’re currently planning our routes to your favorite places in Northern WV and the Eastern Panhandle. We’re also planning for a launch party for the print magazine this Summer, so stay tuned for upcoming news on that!


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