We’re a quarterly culinary arts magazine that features your favorite restaurants, family and seasonal recipes, helpful cooking tips, culinary events across the state and much more! Whether you were born and raised in our Mountain State, or you just call West Virginia your home, come join us on a culinary adventure through West Virginia.

We’re also excited to showcase the diversity of West Virginians in a reoccurring piece we call “Multicultural Delights”, and in each issue we’ll feature recipes from various cultures around the world that have roots in West Virginia.


Joel Bennett - WinterVine PublishingWelcome to Taste! WV Magazine. This our second publication from WinterVine Publishing, and its due to the success of Spotlight WV Magazine.

Taste WV! Magazine is the product of a talented team effort to produce a high quality culinary arts magazine. We stand by the quality and integrity of our magazine, and we’re excited to take this journey with our readers, exploring your favorite culinary wonders of West Virginia.

We want to make West Virginia shine in a positive light just as Spotlight WV does, yet with all the culinary delights you could ask for. In this magazine we’ll be featuring your favorite restaurants, healthy tips, famous family recipes, and so much more.

The first issue of Taste! WV Magazine will be free to view online, and we will be printing a limited edition of our magazine that will be available throughout West Virginia. If you would like to have a print copy sent directly to your home,  you can subscribe to Taste! WV by visiting our website. http://tastewv.com/subscribe/

If you would like to have your favorite family recipe featured in our upcoming magazine, please contact mail@tastewv.com – we’d love to hear from you! There is no charge to feature your family in our magazine, with photos of your family along with your recipe, but there is already a waiting period for submissions.  – Joel Bennett, Editor-In-Chief

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